Drool worthy sims pictures

Drool worthy sims pictures

I love browsing through pretty sims pictures, so I wanted to share them with you guys. If you see one of your photos here and want me to take it down, give me a shout and I'll remove it. I will not post only sim posts, so you have been warned.

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Inspired by another sims bathroom here on tumblr.

Inspired by another sims bathroom here on tumblr.

I remember I visited Norway in May, and my biological clock was so confused when the sun hadn’t set at 11:30pm haha!

Living in the north is fun. During the summer the sun rises at 4 in the morning and set at around midnight. Come winter the sun rises at 9 in the morning and sets at 4 in the afternoon.

Whenever we travel anywhere my internal clock gets slightly out of whack thanks to that.

Went to the beach today, after work and after making a pie.

I’m so glad Norway has so bright evenings. We went to the beach at 7.20, and went home 8.30. At that time people was still heading down to take a dip in the sea.

Asker nyxsims Asks:
Hiya, I really enjoy your simblr! I had a couple of wcifs, if that's okay... In post: post/92507596578 where can I find the stool/end table in first picture, and the end table in second picture? and in this post: post/92530460518, where can I find the sink? Thank you!
droolworthysims droolworthysims Said:

Hi! Thank you so much!

The stool is by Najimu, and I just put that recolour up for download here.
The table is from the Craftsman by Buggybooz here.

The sink is part of donation pack 3 from Holy Simoly, which can be downloaded at the booty. The recolour might be by Zero

I made my wishlist :)

(More like *in your dreams* list)

Leon Dahl, yet again a sim by Backerbse